best power blenders

How to Spot the Best Power Blenders

Blenders have gone through many changes and developments. They have come a long way from manual to mechanical- type. In the past, blenders had limited functions, but in the new era there is plenty to choose from. A good power blender should have a good combination of features e.g. powerful, compact and quiet. It should have user-friendly features e.g. ones that are easy to clean and long service to the user. When purchasing the best power blenders the user has to make various considerations to ensure it gives the best service to the user. This includes,

1) Compare types

Different blenders are used for different functions e.g. one used to whip up smoothie or milkshake may be different from the one used for juicing. You can also refer to, The main types are,

  • High performance-used to serve up whole fruit juices and drinks. They are highly priced.
  • Convectional use-used for lower intensity tasks e.g. milkshakes. These are less expensive.
  • Personal use-they are not intended for hardcore blending jobs.
  • Immersion-in this design the device is submerged directly into the drink or food you are preparing.

2) Storage

Some blenders have unique designs, making them harder to store especially if one has a small kitchen or storage cabinet. You should pay special attention to the number of accessories that come with the power blender. Some models have got many mixing containers for different blending functions hence may take up more storage space in the cabinets.

3) Features

Some power blenders have plastic features while others are made of glass.Plastic containers are less prone to breakage compared to the glass made. The downside of the plastic ones is that they easily retain stains after use and can absorb food or juice odors.

Pricing of power blenders vary widely.The best-selling units are more powerful,quieter and impressive. Bigger blenders are better only if they are for commercial purposes or large families. A good warrant also comes in hand, this shows the manufacturing company has confidence in their products.