Maid Insurance in Singapore

What are the Most Important Coverage for Maid Insurance in Singapore

We know having a maid can empty your pocket. You have to bear quite a several expenses besides just the daily wages. You have to give them daily cost, levy, and also flight ticket for visiting home. But you can save yourself from such expenses by taking a maid insurance policy. Maid insurance Singapore provides a benefit not only to your maid but you also. In contrast, it is also compulsory to take maid insurance as set by (MOM) Ministry of Manpower Singapore.

The most important coverage for maid insurance is personal accident coverage and medical expenses coverage. This coverage ensures that if your maid meets any accident, then full medical treatment can be free of cost. For detailed information, we have listed you three ranges you should not miss out.

Important coverage list

When you take a maid insurance policy, make sure it includes fair personal liability, repatriation expense and medical expense.

  1. Personal Liability cover

If your maid accidentally injures a person or there is a situation of death, this personal liability cover will pay all the legal expense. This coverage pays on your behalf and provides compensation for any damage made by her. However, the coverage is up to a limit. The insured limit varies from plan to plan. It also provides compensation for the third party property damaged by your maid. Your maid might accidentally damage someone else’s property.

When you employ a maid, her total responsibility falls on you, and you are answerable on behalf of her. Hence to prevent all the expense of possible accidents, it is essential to secure yourself with maid insurance.

  1. Repatriation expense

Your critical illness insurance Singapore must include coverage for repatriation expense. Your maid may get permanently disabled or sick. In such a case, the maid should return to her home, which is a costly affair. But if an insurance coverage secures repatriation expense, then it covers the cost of cremation or burial of the domestic helper and sending his/her ash back to their house.

  1. Medical expense 

The necessary amount that every insurance policy offered as a medical expense is at least 15,000 dollars. This amount covers the cost of day surgery and inpatient care during the period of hospitalisation.

Almost every insurer cover the medical expense. It is the most common coverage which is available on all maid insurance. However, the benefits and features offered by the policy may differ. If you like your medical coverage to include all the comprehensive medical part, then it should show:

  • Outpatient medical cost in case of injury and accident. The outpatient coverage includes a visit to medical clinics which have Chinese doctors or physicians. For other outpatient treatment expense, you require an add on. This add on cover 30 dollars per visit and extra 10 dollars.
  • Suppose your domestic helper suffer from any injury or accident all the expenses related to her hospitalisation and surgery. These hospital costs should cover board and room charges, operation theatre cost. Other necessary costs for carrying out the treatment.
  • The policy should also cover Day surgery cost. There is some policy that also offers pre and post-hospital charges. Thus if you pay any expense during ninety days, the payment will be compensated. It is mentioned in the policy document if such services are offered on not so make sure to read it.

If you feel you want to increase your medical expense coverage, it is possible by purchasing add on. The add on will boost your coverage amount. Like every insurance policy, there are certain expenses that the insurer will not cover. Generally, these expenses are venereal disease, suicidal-related cost, pregnancy and psychiatric expense.

The coverage also has a limit to the coverage of permanent illness. The insurance coverage depends on the level of severity, ranging from loss from a fracture to whole-body paralysis.

The dental expense for maid

Most of the maid insurance Singapore do not cover the cost of dental treatment. If your maid requires dental treatment or inspection, the insurance company will not compensate for it. You will have to provide the bill amount.

Reimbursement of wages and levy

If you have paid the hospital and surgery bill of your maid, the insurance company will reimburse the amount. The policy returns all the maid’s wages and government levy for the time the domestic helper is in the hospital. The period also includes hospitalisation leave. But this reimbursement amount is limited to several days.

If you terminate the policy

In Singapore, if you end a policy of your maidservant, you will receive a part of the amount paid for the insurance premium back. You receive the amount when you cancel the critical illness insurance Singapore within sixty days. If you can cancel it in the first sixty-days, you get a reimbursement of 60 per cent of the premium amount already paid. However, the reimbursement amount is subject to a retention amount.

The situation when insurance can help

Household helper is also human, and accidents and injuries related to human are widespread. That is why it is necessary to back yourself against such unexpected circumstances. If something happens to your servant, and she is not able to work, you will have to provide her with compensation. This compensation includes levy and wages. There may be other costs as well. In such cases, an insurance policy offers you relief. You receive the expense under the insurance policy of ‘Rehiring Expense’.


After reading all the policy in details now, you have an idea that what coverage your insurance policy must include. In short, it should offer coverage if something happens to your maid, or someone else because of the maid. The policy should also cover accident amount if you meet an accident because of some action of your maid. If the policy fulfils all these criteria, you can buy the policy without any doubt.

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