Smart Wifi Plug

What is a Smart Wifi Plug?

WiFi Smart Plug offers an intelligent and high-tech feeling of living. Control your home appliances with software, live your wireless life, have unlimited fun, and start your intelligent life anytime, anywhere. You can program multiple devices in a group to turn on and off at the equivalent time. A user can share his/her device with other family accounts to give authority to his/her family to manage the electrical outlet.

Many wifi smart plugs only support 2.4 GHz WiFi. If your router is dual-band, please switch to 2.4 GHz WiFi before connecting the device. Once connected, you can control your device with your smartphone anytime, anywhere. You need to keep the smart device near the router when connected and in use to maintain a reliable Wifi connection. The functions of a wifi smart plug are as follows.

Manual remote control

All you have to do is plug your smart bulbs into an outdoor wifi smart plug and download the free Smart Life app to manage your devices from your mobile phone. In case, your system is Wi-Fi enabled, then no hub or subscription is required.

Voice control

A wifi smart plug is Compatible with Amazon Echo and Google Assistant. That means you can manage or turn on and off automatically your smart home appliances with your smart home socket by Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant voice commands. As long as the socket is connected to your WiFi at home, you can control lights and other devices with your smartphone anytime and anywhere. Smart outdoor sockets can be used to automate the decoration of Christmas lights and backyards and add a look to your home.


You can make custom timers to turn appliances on and off automatically. It can prevent power-consuming devices from running longer than necessary. It will make your life easier and smarter.

An outdoor Wi-Fi Smart Plug has a waterproof IP 44 design and a drip-free design. This makes it ideal for connecting to seasonal lighting, swimming pools, fountains, and other devices both indoors and outdoors. To reduce the risk of electric shock, you should not expose the outlet to rain or water.

Make groups and share them with everyone

You can configure groups for all Smart Wi-Fi sockets and control them with a single command. Share your smart plug with your whole family in 1 minute. Don’t worry anymore. Anyone can check it out easily.

You can set a timer for each outlet so that each device connected to the network turns on and off on a schedule.

It is also possible to check the total daily / monthly energy consumption of the device used for the Smart Street socket. This effectively saves energy and reduces energy costs by automatically turning off the device. This outlet worked well thanks to its reliable wifi connection too. It is wonderful. Smart plugs don’t work well if they’re constantly disconnected.

A disadvantage of this connector is that it is quite short. Keep the cord close to the socket. Electrical outlets might not work either. After configuring the SmartLife app for 2.4 GHz WiFi, you can wirelessly control your home device from anywhere via the 3G / 4G /5G or with a WiFi network. With remote access, you can check the status of your device in real-time at a time. It is everywhere. You no longer have to worry about forgetting your device on the go.

To make timers and countdowns

You can use a free app to make timers and countdowns for connected electronics based on the schedule. After connecting these wireless connections, the user controls the decorative lighting using the timer function. Scheduling can also help reduce energy bills by turning off energy-consuming devices when you don’t need them.

With its rugged construction and state-of-the-art intelligent features that can be installed anywhere in the garden, porch, bathroom, garage, and laundry room, this waterproof double socket is ready for anything. Not only does it work with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, but it is supportive with IFTTT if you want to customize more hectic routines. If you don’t mind voice commands, you can access the plug through the app too. Times and timers can be used separately for every socket.

Would you like to go home in a comfortable and welcoming environment after a long day at work? Set your automatic timer! Lights and other devices will automatically turn on (or off) during your phone setup. This reduces energy costs and is environmentally friendly.

It is very useful, easy to operate during installation and testing, I want to observe whether both sockets are to the bright indicator lights. One of the things this connector doesn’t offer is the power usage report. Easily find and connect the Smart Life app to wirelessly control outdoor lighting, whether outdoors or wherever you are. It is also very easy to set up the outdoor smart plug mode. The procedure turns the switch off or on according to the schedule or turns the switch off after a certain time. The Settings tab of the app has a guide that explains how to set up the plugin with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. This connector is convenient to use in terms of appearance, functions, and applications.

This intelligent outdoor socket offers hands-free voice control for your home in conjunction with your Amazon echo point device or Google Assistant. Name your smart plug and you can turn lights, devices, and the entire room on and off with one voice. The rugged smart socket is designed for hard work outdoors and is IP44 weatherproof so you can use it anywhere. It only supports 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi networks and does not require an additional hub. Schedules and timers are controlled by the manufacturer’s application, making it very easy to set up.

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