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Which is the Best Maid Insurance in Singapore?

It has become almost a necessity to have a domestic worker to make things go smoothly. But, the safety of the domestic worker is also necessary. Any medical or personal accident of these workers should be looked after. When in Singapore, you will find a lot of maid insurance companies that provide you with great policies that cover personal and medical accidents and also have liability coverage. You can quickly check out the plans, benefits, and features they have to provide you with.

Basic Policy structure of the maid insurance in Singapore

The employer must issue insurance for every foreign domestic worker. The plans for this insurance are either 14 months or 26 months. You might think about why it isn’t 12 and 24 months. The governing body in Singapore has made it compulsory to insure your maid for an extra two months after the termination of the work permit.

Before you go to buy insurance for your maid, you need to check these things out –

Are the premium worth the coverage

This is the first thing that comes to everyone’s mind when it comes to insurance. Like any other thing that we buy, we check whether its value is worth the money we are paying. The same goes for insurance. You can get insurance at a minimum premium, but the coverage of the insurance is great, or you can get insurance with less premium with less coverage. Thus it would help if you chose your insurance wisely. Make sure the money you are paying is worth the insurance coverage.

If you get insurance with less payment, check all the clauses, limits, and deductibles thoroughly before you make payment. You aim to buy a policy that can give you enough coverage.

Check how well the insurance work

It is one of the main factors that you should look for when you are buying maid insurance. You need to know how it works what it covers. You can get a lot of maid insurance companies in Singapore company that provide you with excellent insurance coverage. You can check out some of the coverage that is provided by HLAS insuranceThis insurance company is one of the best all over Singapore. They have provided significant assistance during the time of crisis of their client. It would help if you looked for the insurance coverage to know how it works –

  • Outpatient Medical and Dental Benefit

Many insurance companies have tie-ups with many hospitals. When you are getting maid insurance for your domestic helper, you can check whether the insurance companies have tie-ups with any hospitals. Your domestic helper can pay a visit to the outpatient medical department of those hospitals having tie-ups with the insurance company and save a lot of money.

  • Medical and hospitalisation benefits

There is many maid insurance Singapore that provides a huge amount of money as the insurance coverage when hospitalised due to an accident or illness. Most of the insurance company also covers other medical expenses that the domestic worker has to bear. This can include medicines and other pharmaceuticals.

  • Termination and rehiring expense coverage

You can get insurance coverage for yourself if your domestic helper breaches the contract or the bond. This policy is rarely available. Thus, you need to thoroughly check all the coverage policies of all the companies that are providing maid insurance in Singapore.

  • Offers and discounts on medical check-ups

Many insurance companies in Singapore provide offers on medical health check-ups on a yearly or six-month basis at clinics or hospitals that have a tie-up with the insurance company. Many insurance companies offer you discounts of up to 50% on these medical check-ups or examinations.

  • Coverage for damage to personal belongings

Many insurance policies even cover the expense of any damage or theft that occurs to the belongings of the personal helper’s belongings like any gadgets or jewelry. You need to thoroughly check the policies of the insurance company before you make any payment.

  • Coverage of repatriation expense

Many companies provide you with coverage for the repatriation expense. This comes in handy in case your domestic worker is permanently disabled, or if she passes away, the domestic worker’s family will be provided with a repatriation payout.

  • Wage Compensation

Many insurance policies cover the wage of the helper in case he or she is ill or has been hospitalised. This is paid every day, for a limited time and a limited amount of money, the time and money limit will depend on the insurance policy.

Protection comes first

When it comes to maid insurance, you need to focus on the needs first. You will look forward to tangible benefits when it comes to insurance. It should cover some of the basic needs. To start with, pointing out the necessities that come to your mind. This can be the medical coverage or even the termination and rehiring expense coverage. It would help if you looked for protection against disability, fatal injury or illness, surgical expenses, and much more. Once you have fully covered basics, then you can look for the policies that are good to have.

Avoid spending too much.

When it comes to maid insurance, as much as you can get is not the answer. Pay for what you or your domestic worker would need. There are policies with huge premiums and with benefits that are hardly required. You surely would not like to pay for those insurances. Get the coverages that you would need. There is no need for overpaying, in case of maid insurance.

When you are about to buy a maid insurance, you must do complete homework on it and choose the right company. Make sure it is covering all the basic needs and take care of whether you are overpaying or not. We should also look after the people who are taking care of our homes. They have families as well. Thus, insurance for your domestic worker is a need.

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